About Winztech

The Winztech was set up in response to the spiralling downturn in the economy, with small/medium sized businesses needing more support than ever before we found that the service we offer was fast becoming a necessity, not just a vehicle for growth. Although some of our team have worked with bigger clients, our typical client is one with a turnover of under 1.5m.

Through our nationwide/overseas network of consultants and professionals we specialise in helping small/medium sized businesses, like yours, to develop, expand and improve on all facets – including, but not limited to e-commerce but also online business strategies like SEO’s, Flash banners,Google Adverts,Domain hosting etc.

Winztech is one of the fastest growing and leading business development agencies in the Maharashtra. We have helped businesses from inception and blue-print to development and expansion – including individuals and teams who started with just an idea. We specialise in supporting businesses with a turnover under lachs. The Winztech team of E-commerce Advisors, Consultants and Professionals guide, coach and support a wide range of small/medium size business & individuals during this exciting but often demanding stage of their business.

Why you need Winztech ?

1. Are starting a new small business and need your first professional website.
2. Already have an old, out-dated website that needs a new look.
3. Want to sell your products or services online by accepting credit card payments.
4. Need help getting more people to visit your website and to rank higher in search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
5. Want to develop a brand identity through graphic design such as logos, letterheads and other printed material.

Our Vision

To build Winztech a strong withholding brand in E-commerce domain which customers can trust to translate their desire dreams into brand building promotional tools provider.

Our Mission

“To provide guarantee aesthetically appealing and functional websites within client specific deadlines, to the highest standard ultimately making our clients businesses stand out from others in the competition”